Tye Dye PAISLEY Bandease®

Tye Dye PAISLEY Bandease®

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The “Bandease” ®,Is A  tubular bandana is seamless, soft, highly stretchy and very comfortable to wear. "Easy"!  Adjust with one hand.  Size: The tube is around 20" long and 19" perimeter, one size fits most.

Seamless Tubular garment made from 100% polyester 

Designed for comfort and protection from dust, wind, bugs, fumes. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE:  can wick quickly, absorb, evaporate moisture, wind resistant and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Face Tubular bandanas  a super stretchy fabric that accommodates most head sizes (adults & kids).This polyester is washable and reusable.